Effective treatment in Göteborg or via video call.


I’ m Arvid Cederholm, certified clinical psychologist. I’ve worked with psychotherapeutic treatment since 2012, in my private practice as well as in public primary care and in psychiatric care. In other words, I have experience with all ranges of psychological problems.

My style is active and personal. I believe that a psychologist who listens and validates is crucial, but far from enough. I take an active stance to help you with your problems in the very moments they manifest – When you get stuck in rumination, when you get overwhelmed by emotions, or when you fall into fear, self-critizism and resignation. These reactions are most often automatic and nonconscious, and you as a client needs outside help to become aware, recognize, understand and control these reactions so they can’t sabotage your life anymore.

I work primarily with ISTDP and MCT. As a complement I occasionally use EMDR and CBT.

• ISTDP (Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy) is a treatment where I take a very active stance to help you with how you relate to yourself and others. We have these unconscious behaviours and thought process that question and critizes ourselves, isolate ourselves from others, and repress our feelings. When left unchecked these behaviours makes us depressed, anxious, detached and isolated. My job is to help you by interrupting these behaviours, making you aware of them, helping you understand them, and helping you to finally get rid of them. It is also my job to facilitate your healthy emotions and support you when you got overwhelmed.

• MCT (Meta-cognitive therapy) is a treatment for interrupting and letting go of excessive thinking – Excessive worrying, excessive rumination, excessive self-conscious thinking, overthinking… It is highly effective for dealing with conditions such as panic attacks, OCD, generalised anxiety, stage fright, performance anxiety, health anxiety, and so on. Together we take a look at how to relate to these thoughts in a healthy way, why you are clinging to these thinking patterns, and how to stop spending hours on them.

• EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy) is a treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder and. By using eye movement exercises, traumatic memories can be made less impactful, and thus treat symtoms of PTSD, such as flashbacks, nightmares, anxiety attacks and the avoidance of triggering situations that these symtoms bring.

• CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) is a treatment to identify and change destructive habits, behaviours and reactions to constructive habits, behaviours and reactions.

These methods gives a good toolkit to treat anxiety, depression, trauma emotional issues, relationship issues, self-image issues, and personality disorder.

Finally, I have completed an advanced course in LBTQ issues in health care. to work towards a good treatment of every patient, regardless of sexual identifictation or identity.

Starting a psychotherapeutic treatment is a big investment – Not just a monetary investment, but also an investement of time, of energi, of trust and the hope of a better life. Out of respect for your commitment to therapy, I must work to supply you with the best possible chances of success.

This is an investment that often pays out very well – On a global level, 60-70% of psychotherapies lead to significan improvement. But 30-40% of psychotherapies don’t reach their goal. And different therapists differ in results, sometimes dramatically. Some succeed very often, and some succeed less often. Not all psychologists and therapists are aware of these statistics, or of what they actually need to do
to improve. The good news are that there are solid and proven methods to improve your results as a therapist.

These are the methods I use to improve outcome:

• I’m proficient in several complementary therapy methods, which lets me pick the right approach for you, instead of relying on a one-size-fits-all method which means a lower success rate.

Feedback-informed therapy. I use the MyOutcomes app to track your development during treatment. Before each session you record your well-being the past week, which lets us quickly recognize and problem-solve when the treatment isn’t doing it for you. After each session we have time a short structured evaluation of our work, which also gives me the possibility to course – correct for you to recieve the best possible treatment.

Video recording. If you give consent to it, I will video record our sessions so I can go back and evaluate and improve my work with you, or to analyze them with a supervisor.

Deliberate Practice. I use a framework to build my skills and capacity as therapists, which is one of the few things that have scientific evidence to produce better outcomes in therapy. This is not something you will ever see me do – You only see the results of it when I’m working with you.

My goal is to offer you excellent help with a very high success rate, help that is effective, warm and personal, and backed by science. If you decide to commit to therapy and you are willing to give me honest feedback about when I succeed with this goal and when I do not – Then we have the best chances to achieve your goals together.